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Why Purchase Broken Earth Naturals Attars (ittar), Absolutes, Otto's and Natural Perfumes over others?

Ninety percent of our customers have reordered our perfumes and attars.  That high rate of repeat business and loyal customers indicates to us we must be doing something right.  Why offer time consuming samples to our customers? Because once you try our perfumes and attars you are going to become a loyal customer.

Listen to our customers!!!

"Dear Susanne, really enjoying exploring the samples, at first was a bit put off by the sharp dry top note when put on the skin but then their incredible depth starts to come through and I can't get enough of smelling them now, getting to know them, individually first, then I will experiment blending them together. Unlike any other aromas I have in my collection I will definitely be buying in the future. I wish you a long prosperous career. please don't ever stop selling these precious oils!"

That "top dry note" she noticed is because these attars are pur which makes them potent. If you want the softer scent just order the "natural perfume" option instead of the "attar" option. You can now order your samples or your full sized bottles as "attars" or "natural perfumes".

First time trying Attars or Natural Perfumes? Be sure to order our sample packs before purchasing larger quantities. Perfumes and oils, like all other body products, are not returnable so be sure you know what you want to purchase.


How Attars/Ittars Natural Perfumes are made

Attars/Ittars are carefully distilled at a slow pace, usually in a  ceramic pot called a deg. These pure essences are sometimes blended at the time of distillation and sometimes after distillation. Most Indian Attars/Ittars (Natural perfumes) are distilled into a sandalwood base. The sandalwood acts as the base note and strengthens the heart notes of the Attar/Ittar. There is often an aging process and attars made properly only get better with age. Attars/Ittars that are distilled into sandalwood have a stronger more resonant base. Attars/Ittars with a vetiver base are softer and very relaxing. Many vendors use essential oil blends diluted in jojoba oil. We do not! All of our Attars/Ittars are purchased from old time traditional distillers. They have all been used  by myself and my husband. We both have MCS. I have carried the same oils for many years and have some of my original purchases. These oils maintain their potency and purity over time.

Natural Perfumes are made with Attars, Essential oils and organic base products... Read more...



Our Mission

Our mission here at Broken Earth Naturals is to revitalize some of that Oriental Mystery and blend it together with some modern day aromas that you can enjoy. We offer the opportunity to work with a deeply spiritual and intuitive perfumer to create a personalized scent or even a line of scents that will increase your own spiritual awareness during meditation or yoga, your sense of well being on a daily basis, and enhance the romantic aspects of your life. Or you can choose from our line of tried and true Attars/Ittars and BEN Signatures.


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History of Attars (ittars), Natural Perfumes

Long before fashion runways, designer clothes and glamorous celebrities promoting chemically altered perfumes based in alcohol to preserve the scent created by the designer, there were the ladies of the Orient and the Far East and their lovers who rode in on horseback smelling of sweat and sweet musk (attar or natural perfume). The masculine strength of the Oud, Sandalwood and Amber blended seamlessly with the royalty of the rose, and the feminine passion of the jasmine and lotus flowers. These scents embedded into the fine furnishings and portrayed the good taste of the inhabitants of the diverse cultures winding along the Silk Road from China to Damascus and to India, Persia and even penetrating into Eastern Europe. The fine distilled oils (attars or natural perfume) that gave depth and passion to cultures of the Golden Age of the Orient are still available today and are the answer for revitalizing the lives of the chemically sensitive who by nature of that sensitivity have been deprived of the quality of life that comes from the stimulation of one of our most basic instincts, the sense of smell and the power of Aroma.  

The people of the first and beginning of the second millenniums were closer to the time of prophets, Sages and Saints. The lines that divided the eternal from the temporal were not so clearly defined as they are today. The presence of the Divine was more poignantly felt by the average earth traveler and the seeker of Divine communion was greeted with respect and a hospitality which has been all but lost in modern day society.  An offering of pure distilled oil as a refreshment after travel was as expected and welcomed as a cool earthen jug of water and a dash of salt.

The safely guarded secrets within the old traditions are what have propelled the art into the modern age. Corporations have tried to usurp the market with their cheap imitations using dangerous synthetics and chemically based formulas. These imitations have been sold to the public through elaborate advertising and marketing schemes. For the many individuals whose lives have been effected by chemical sensitivity this industry has become a nightmare. Standing in line at the post office can become unbearable and can send a chemically sensitive person to bed for days. Countless hours of missed work, being deprived of the enjoyment of eating at nice restaurants and attending social functions. But the reality of what it takes to not only smell nice but to actually stimulate your world in a positive direction is quite simple. The truth of the matter is that these chemically based products harm everyone. Another truth is that they are astronomically over-priced. These companies make huge profits as the actual real and expensive ingredients in them are so minute while the fillers are what make up the bulk of the product.

So many people have become aware of the dangers of chemical scents that corporations are now advertising to convince you that their products are naturally based. Well, naturally based is not good enough! !00% all natural essences are available, they are simple, pure, clean and very powerful. A small amount goes a long way. So, while these 100% pure natural Attars/Ittars perfumes sound expensive when I tell you that pure rose costs about $10,000 per kilo, they really are affordable because we make them available in such small quantities, such as 3ml bottle and even sample size vials. A 3ml bottle of a real Attar/ittar will last you a long time, even if you use it everyday.

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Flower Power Collection

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