Company Profile

Healing Our Skin

The skin is one of the body's largest vital organs. We need to treat it with the respect it deserves! We eat organic, so why do we allow chemicals and dangerous substances to be placed in our skin and body care products?

The trend is going this way! More and more people are agreeing with this perspective. The opportunities are there in our communities to educate and to provide people with good healthy solutions for skin care. 

We want to help the individual artisan who is just learning and who has the small community contacts to educate and provide people with these good products. Our goal as a company is not to make millions of dollars but rather to help small companies and artisans to bring healthy and consistent products to small communities all over America. 

Artisans and Crafters Welcome

We have good base products which can be customized to meet your customers needs. Very small minimums apply, but we will work with you as you develop your customer base  in your community