Stock Formulas

Simply Natural Basics

We have a line of unscented Natural base products. These can be sampled and even used as is or you can ask us to customize them to meet your own specifications. 

Save time and money

Using our simply basic formulas or at least beginning with them, will save you the development costs. 

When time is of the essence customizing our simply basic formulas will get you that unique line you want in much less time!


If you have used our simply basoc product line and /or customized it to fit your needs please let us know how your customers have reacted to it.

Our Simply Basic Natural Product Line

Includes the flowing

Daily face creme

Night Creme

Age defying face creme

Really creamy body butter

Skin therapy Hand and Body Lotion

Foot Balm

Strengthening Shampoo for thin hair

Revitalizing Shampoo for dry and damaged hair

Moisturizing conditioner for Damaged or thin hair

Conditioner/haor oil for brittle hair

Conditioner shampoo for flakey scalp

Semi sudsy body wash

Green tea and peppermint infused face wash

Jasmine green tea infused face wash

Conditioner/hair oil for brittle hair

Roes petal infused face wash

Rose hydrosol

Lavender Hydrosol

Chamomile Hrdrosol

For samples check our "shop" on this website


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