Traditional and Modern ties

The word Attar in Persian means "the perfume" - Attar was born in 1145 AD or 1146 (dispute exists) in Nishapur

This is the shrine of Attar, the Persian whose name became the word used to describe the artisan product of distilled botanical oils aged and blended to create heavenly scents which aid us in emotional stability and in our meditation practice. 

Handmade from beginning to end

For thousands of years the petals and plants have been  hand gathered and sorted before they are placed in the traditional pots for steaming. 

Continuing this tradition we are still hand making our attars, though we are using some newer and more modern equipment, the traditional artisan practice andquality are protected.

An Ancient Artisan Craft

The craft of distilling flowers, plants and herbs for their healing oils and aromas is thousands of years old. Some of these oils are top notes, some middle and some are foundation oils. Some oils, specifically wood oils act to help fix the scents from the other oils which are lighter and are otherwise fleeting. 

Attars are the perfect and oldest form of perfume and certainly the purest natural perfume. 

It takes more than essential oils to build an attar. Most attars begin in a base of Sandalwood oil. Other base oils can be used but traditionally the base oil is Sandalwood.

If you would like to try out some of our attars with your customers to see which you would like to sell as your own, or perhaps to blend together to create your own scent, please visit our "shop" page to purchase samples.