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At the beginning of the journey to well being natural body care and a talented perfumer can help set you on a course of relaxation therapy. If you are in our regional location or if you are interested in a mountain retreat please send us a contact request.

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Once you have made the effort and found a place of relaxation, whether through physical treatment, meditation or retreat, it is time to rejuvenate your physical and spiritual being. We have developed all natural products that will help restore and renew!

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For the next step in your journey we have developed all nature based attars which are meant to stimulate and inspire both the body and the spirit. Read more below about attars and our unique approach.

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Simply Natural Body Care

Our product line is clean, simple and easy to use. Have questions? Need a consult? Just give us a call or drop a line.

Because you Deserve the best

We only use pure components in our body care products. No preservatives or chemicals ever! 

Special needs?

We are happy to work with you to develop your own special body care based on what is important to you.

About our Attars


Attars are the Original Natural Perfume

  • We create Attars using the ancient artisan method of distilled botanical oils and a base of natural oils to fix the scent.  Traditional attars use pure sandalwood as the base oil. However, sandalwood has become endangered and is not a sustainable source. We have a limited amount as the sale, and especially the export, is tightly regulated by the Indian government. For this reason, many perfumers have been cheated and tricked into using synthetics in place of true attars. We have decided to make our attars closer to home. We now use a blend of wood essential oils to make our base oil. Staying true to the tradition, however, that Attars are the true original natural perfumes using only natural components and pure sources.


Now Developed with a Modern Approach

Unfortunately, we became one of those cheated and tricked perfumers! We realized, through the feedback we received from you, that our quality had been compromised by suppliers diluting and mixing synthetics with true oils. We discarded our entire stock and then through our own research and development we have created a line of attars using reliable, more sustainable resources and many locally grown and produced botanical oils. We have discovered several tree oils that give that same wonderfully relaxed and rich aroma that we used to get from true Sandalwood. 


Premium Quality nad Consistency

We chose from the best and the purest sources and we have developed and created all the products of our new Attar and body care Line. We hope you will come see our shop and try some samples. You won't be disappointed! 

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