Artisan Organics Private Labeling & Custom Manufactering

Artisan Creations

Traditional Hand Crafted Natural Perfumes

  • The secret to making natural perfumes last on the skin is simple, so why do so many make natural perfumes that dissipate in minutes?
  • Our attars are made the traditional way with slow steam distillation and a fixative base oil which are then aged to perfection
  • We have a line of single scent attars that you can choose to label as your own or we can create unique custom scents to represent your brand.

Because You Deserve the Best!

We do our best to use naturally sourced, wild crafted and organic materials whenever possible. 

We make every effort to seek out the best price while not sacrificing quality. We are very careful not to use chemicals or fillers or to use products that contain chemicals or synthetics.

Natural Body Care Products

We have developed some purely natural  body care product bases which we will gladly customize to your specifications.

Whether you are  developing  a line for sale at your local artisan market or you are a small company with a developed line already and are simply in need of production and packaging, we can help. Give us a call or send a contact request and we will get back with you.

Artisans and Crafters Welcome!

Private Labeling

We will work with you to design, create and package your products so that shelf ready products are only an order away.


Once your product designs, packaging and labeling are finalized and on file with us, we will manufacture what you need in small batches and send you your retail ready products.

Your Own Line

We work with small companies and individual artisan crafters to develop your own line of natural perfumes and body care products. We actually prefer the small batches and attention to detail!

Sample Our Products

New products are coming soon!