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Our Attar shop is one of the oldest on the internet. We have learned a lot over the years and are now developing out own techniques of attar perfume making. Unlike aroma therapy, attars are all about the enjoyment of the aroma and the effect the aroma has on your spiritual and emotional well being. Attars are important aspects in  Sufi meditation and yoga which are both good ways to begin to relax and find your center.



Use our traditional and modern attars to rejuvenate your body and soul on a daily basis. Or, come and create your own special attar when you visit our studio at the Sufi Lodge in Troutdale Virginia where we now offer an infra red sauna, fire cupping, massage and Reiki. Consult with our perfumer and intuitive healers to meet your specific needs. 



Our Attars are created through Inspiration. Inspiration being the process of breathing in. On a spiritual level this is to take in the life giving elements around us.  We create traditional and modern attars and complimentary body care products  with this principle in mind. Taking in the healing power and expelling the harm from our bodies and souls.

All Natural Products

Simply Natural Body Care

Our product line of non-toxic beauty products is clean, simple and easy to use. Have questions? Need a consult? Just give us a call or drop a line.

Because you Deserve the best

We only use pure components in our body care products. No chemicals or fillers! 

We do our best to use naturally sourced, wild crafted and organic materials whenever possible. 

Some products must have preservatives to guard against bacterial and fungal contamination. If you prefer products without preservatives we can accommodate you because we prepare each order at the time of ordering to preserve freshness and you will likely just need to keep your products in the refrigerator once you receive them. 

Special needs?

We are happy to work with you to develop your own special body care based on what is important to you.

Traditional Attars


Attars are the Original Natural Perfume

  • In our Perfume Boutique we create Attars using the ancient artisan method of distilled botanical oils and a base of natural oils to fix the scent.  Traditional attars use pure sandalwood as the base oil. However, sandalwood has become endangered and is not a sustainable source. We have a limited amount as the sale, and especially the export, is tightly regulated by the Indian government. This year we were able to get a modest supply of Sandalwood and have created a limited amount of traditional attar. These are available in our studio and through this website, sold as "Traditional Attars.". We have also created a new fixative foundation for our attars which we sell as "Modern Attars." We used a blend of pure wood oils, mostly North American tree oils, and some  essential oils to make our base oil. Staying true to the tradition of  Attar crafting our base oil is purely from earth's resources using only natural components and pure sources.


Now Developed with a Modern Approach

Over the last year, through our own research and development, we have created a line of attars using reliable, more sustainable resources and many locally grown and produced botanical oils. We have discovered several tree oils that give that same wonderfully relaxed and rich aroma that we are all used to getting from true Sandalwood. Try our "Modern Attars" for yourself. You will not be disappointed. 

The traditional Sandalwood based attars are also available but supplies are limited so buy them while they last. 


Premium Quality and Consistency

We chose from the best and the purest sources and we have developed and created all the products of our new Attar and body care Line. We hope you will come see our shop and try some samples. You won't be disappointed! 

Intuitive Healing Practice


Aroma Therapy

We create individualized aroma therapy blends based on our intuitive healing process through counseling, meditation and inspiration.

This can be done in center or remotely via skype.


Herbal Infusions

We create individualized herbal infusions and blends to order based upon our intuitive interactions with clients seeking herbal remedies to meet specific needs.


Nutrition and Diet Counseling

Through our intuitive process we help people achieve higher levels of physical health through diet and nutritional planning and implementation.


Fire Cupping

Offered as a component of practice at the Sufi Lodge for guests at the lodge, drop in hikers and cyclists and local clients of Broken Earth Naturals.


Reiki Energy Massage

Our intuitive healing process sometimes leads to some energy touch massage which is part of the Sufi practice at the Sufi Lodge. Broken Earth Naturals perfumer, aroma therapist and healing practitioner offers these services at the wellness center.


Massage Therapy

Enjoy a gentle intuitive acupressure message or a full deep message at the Sufi Lodge here in Troutdale. Message therapists contract their services so appointments are required for a deep message.

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